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Coming in April, 2014

The Preacher's Bride Claim by Laurie Kingery

Book One in the Love Inspired Historicals'
"Bridegroom Brothers" series!

Claiming Their Future

For the Thornton Brothers, the Oklahoma Land Rush is the perfect opportunity to finally put down some roots. A new start, a new community—what more could preacher Elijah Thornton need? Not a wife—not after the pain of losing his fiancée. But something draws him to the pretty nurse whose eyes are clouded by trouble.

Only by claiming her own homestead can Alice Hawthorne avoid an unwanted marriage. Even Oklahoma may not be far enough away from New York to escape her past. Yet with courage—and the handsome reverend's support—can she forge a loving future?

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True love awaits three siblings in the Oklahoma Land Rush!

The next books in the series are: THE HORSEMAN'S FRONTIER FAMILY, by Karen Kirst, in May 2014, and in June, 2014—THE LAWMAN'S OKLAHOMA SWEETHEART—all published by Love Inspired Historicals.

Welcome To My Website!

Laurie Kingery, author of inspirational western romance novelsAs my biography indicates, I wrote sixteen historical romances as Laurie Grant. I'm an evangelical Christian, however, and a few years ago the Lord opened the door for me to write for Him—that's how I view writing inspirational fiction. To me, one man + one woman + faith =one dynamic story.

I'm a native Texan, though I now live in "exile" outside that wonderful state—hence my tagline of "Deep in the Heart Historical Romance." While Heaven is my soul's eventual home, Texas is my heaven-on-earth.  I'm never so happy as when I'm gazing at a field of glorious field of bluebonnets in the spring, breathing in their faint, somewhat peppery scent, or staring in awe at the rolling blue hills in the distance in the Hill Country, watching a roadrunner streak down the side of the road, wandering  around through liveoak groves or over cactus- and mesquite studded hills, dishing into some wonderful Texas "soul food"—steak, blackeyed peas, Tex-Mex dishes, or visiting with my relatives who still live there…

Currently I'm writing a series called "Brides of Simpson Creek" for Love Inspired Historicals. The series takes the "mail order bride" idea and turns it around. In 1865, the Civil War has ended, but the single ladies in the small Texas town of Simpson Creek are faced with a dilemma: no unmarried men have returned from the war. They're not willing to meekly surrender to spinsterhood, nor do they want to leave home to find husbands, so they organize and advertise for mail order grooms. . In June of 2014 the seventh book in the series, A HERO IN THE MAKING, will be published, but if you didn't start reading the series with the first one, MAIL ORDER COWBOY, and continued in order through THE DOCTOR TAKES A WIFE, THE SHERIFF'S SWEETHEART, on through HILL COUNTRY CATTLEMAN, THE PREACHER'S BRIDE, and THE RANCHER'S COURTSHIP, don't worry. Each story stands alone, but don't be surprised if reading one makes you want to hunt up the others!

My contribution to the Oklahoma Land Rush continuity series which will be put out by Love Inspired Historicals in April 2014, "Bridegroom Brothers". Then it's back to the "Brides of Simpson Creek" series, with Ella Justiss and a jack-of-all-trades stranger in town, Nate Bohannnan, and then Maude Harkey's story, in which she meets her match, rancher Jonas MacLaren. The final titles have yet to be decided between my editors and me, so watch this site for more information..


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