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March, 2015

Maude Harkey is resigned to a loveless life until a baby is born—and orphaned—at her boarding house home. She'll never be a wife… but she can still be a mother. Yet a boarding house is no place for a newborn. Enter Jonas MacLaren—a handsome, exasperating rancher with an offer too good to refuse.

Jonas can handle running a ranch—but handling his cantankerous mother is another matter. Maude matches his mother's stubbornness so she'll be a perfect live-in companion. But she's there for his mother, not for him. He'll just have to keep his wounded heart closed to her beauty, her humor, her warmth and strength—and her irresistibly adorable baby.

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Nate Bohannan won't let anything stand in the way of his grand plans in California. Even if means traveling there with unreliable huckster Robert Salali. But after a destructive bender in Simpson Creek, Texas, the unscrupulous Salali runs out, leaving Nate to carry the blame—and the debt. He can fix broken furniture …but can anything fix the despair in café owner Ella Justiss's eyes?

When her café was destroyed, Ella felt sure she'd lost her dreams along with it. Yet somehow Nate's cheerful care and optimism fill her with hope again. Painful secrets from her childhood make Ella wary of men. When danger threatens, will Nate be the hero Ella can finally trust—and love?

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The Preacher's Bride Claim by Laurie Kingery

Book One in the Love Inspired Historicals'
"Bridegroom Brothers" series!

Claiming Their Future

For the Thornton Brothers, the Oklahoma Land Rush is the perfect opportunity to finally put down some roots. A new start, a new community—what more could preacher Elijah Thornton need? Not a wife—not after the pain of losing his fiancée. But something draws him to the pretty nurse whose eyes are clouded by trouble.

Only by claiming her own homestead can Alice Hawthorne avoid an unwanted marriage. Even Oklahoma may not be far enough away from New York to escape her past. Yet with courage—and the handsome reverend's support—can she forge a loving future?

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Hill Country Cattleman
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Brides of Simpson Creek

A Match Made in Texas

To escape a scandal in England, Violet Brookfield is sent to her brother's ranch in Texas. Soon she discovers that the vibrant new world and rugged trail boss Raleigh Masterson are perfect material for the Western she's writing. And when her time is up, she'll return to the nobleman she left behind.

Violet is the most elegant female ever to set foot in Simpson Creek, and Raleigh is sure she'll never stay. He has no business falling for the beautiful aristocrat. But soon Violet makes a place for herself in the Hill Country—and in his heart. Now if only he can convince her that she belongs there forever…

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The Preacher's Bride by Laurie Kingery

Brides of Simpson Creek

When her little brother died, Faith Bennett lost her trust in God. She's kept this secret from the good people of Simpson Creek, yet she can't deceive Gil Chadwick. She'll be Gil's friend, but without a faith to match his, she can never be the handsome new preacher's bride.

Though Gil cherishes Faith's friendship, he wants a wife. And in kind, upright Faith, he's convinced he's found her. The secret heartache of his past fades as he watches her nurse his father. When danger finds her, he'll risk everything to save her. For where there's Faith, there's love...and the promise a new beginning together.

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November, 2011
Love Inspired Historicals
The "Brides of Simpson Creek" series

Though Caroline Wallace can't have a family, she can still have a purpose. Becoming Simpson Creek's new schoolmarm helps heal the heartache of losing Pete, her fiancé, to influenza. Then Pete's brother arrives, trailing a herd of cattle and twin six-year-old girls.

Jack Collier expected Pete and his bride to care for his daughters until he was settled in Montana. But bad weather and worse news strand Jack in Texas until spring. It's little wonder Caroline grows fond of Abby and Amelia. But could such a refined, warm-hearted woman fall for a gruff rancher...before the time comes for him to leave again?

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The Sheriff's SweetheartTHE SHERIFF'S SWEETHEART

April 2011
Love Inspired Historicals
The "Brides of Simpson Creek" series

He needs to turn his life around...
And Simpson Creek, Texas, is the perfect place to do it. On the run from his dangerous past, Sam Bishop is happy to find a town seeking "marriage-minded bachelors." A wealthy wife is just what he needs to make his gambling problems disappear. But when Prissy Gilmore catches Sam's eye, she proves to be much more than a rich match. Sam wants to deserve her, wants to become sheriff and protect her hometown--wants to be the man she believes him to be. Yet the true test is waiting, when his past returns to challenge his future.

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The Doctor Takes a Wife  from Love Inspired HistoricalsTHE DOCTOR TAKES A WIFE
mid-January 2011
Love Inspired Historicals
The "Brides of Simpson Creek" series

Why did the new doctor in Simpson Creek have to be a Yankee? Sarah Matthews can see thtat Nolan Walker is a good man—and a handsome one. But she can't return his affection. Not with so much bitterness from the war fresh in her memory.

Yet when the town is struck by a deadly influenza epidemic, it's Nolan who battles to save Sarah's life. And when a shadow from the past returns, the time arrives for Sarah to decide if she's finally ready to utter the words her doctor longs to hear—"I do."

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Mid-November 2010
Love Inspired Historicals
The opening book of the "Brides of Simpson Creek" series

With beaux scarce in post–Civil War Texas, practical Milly Matthews and her “Spinster Society” friends have their hands full protecting their ranches. Their only hope: advertising for mail-order grooms. But aristocratic British cavalry officer Nicholas Brookfield isn’t exactly Milly’s idea of a cowboy—or a man she can trust. And the more Nick proves himself as a ranch hand, the more he must hide his past from the woman he longs to make his own. Now Milly and Nick will need all their courage to face hidden dangers…and believe in a love that can answer all their prayers.

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Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historicals
mid-August 2009

Rebellious rancher's daughter Tess Hennessy seeks adventure--and that's what she gets when she's abducted to chronicle the Delgado gang's exploits! Yet her kidnapper, gang member Sandoval Parrish, isn't what she expected. There's more to the mysterious outlaw than he shows--signs of gentleness and devotion that soften Tess's heart.

Sandoval has one goal--retribution for the sister Delgado ruined. He hasn't the time to fall for the stubborn, beautiful photographer whose pictures he needs as evidence. But what can Sandoval do when his plan puts Tess in danger? Torn between the drive for revenge and a new-found love, Sandoval will need his renewed faith to resolve the past...and claim the future.

"Laurie Kingery brings the west to delicious life in her latest Steeple Hill historical! THE OUTLAW'S LADY blends adventure, faith, and a rich sense of place in the story of Tess, a frontier photographer, and Sandoval, a mysterious, irresistible man who may be a villain—or the love of her life. A wonderful read!"
-- Mary Jo Putney, author of LOVING A LOST LORD, July '09 from Zebra


Hill Country Christmas by Laurie KingeryHILL COUNTRY CHRISTMAS
Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historicals
October 2008

Delia Keller is a preacher's granddaughter in Llano Crossing, a small hill country town in Texas. All she has known is poverty and taking care of her grandfather since her mother died and her father's wanderlust led him out west, but she is content—though she thinks she'd be happier if the Charles Ladley, the mayor's handsome son would return her feelings. Then her grandfather dies and she's left penniless, and a dangerous-looking stranger brings her news that her father has died in a mining accident. She's now heiress to a fortune.

Before the Civil War, Jude Tucker served his Lord as a preacher in Tennessee, but after what he'd seen and heard—and did—in the war, Jude no longer feels worthy. It is he who brings Delia news of her newfound wealth. Delia feels an instant connection with Jude, but he convinces her he's not worthy of her either.

No longer just a poor "churchmouse," Delia has no trouble attracting Charles Ladley and learning to spend money she's never had before. Jude, who'd planned to tell Delia the news and ride on, somehow can't seem to make himself leave. Fighting his own growing feelings for her, he knows that Ladley is the worse possible man for Delia. He's also struggling against the call of the Lord to serve Him again.

But it's not until Jude uncovers a plot that would ruin Llano Crossing that two wounded hearts learn to trust their love for each other and for God, and to serve Him all the rest of their days.